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Who are we?

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gallery/guiesbtt.presentció 2 reduida are a bicycle tourism company. We are dedicated to organizing tours on MTB.
We organize, design and create tourist routes, family routes, routes to enjoy with friends, routes for experts, monothematic tours ..., in short, tours for all types of customers. Because we cover from morning departures to crossings of several days; from the Catalan Pyrenees or the Cadí to Terra Alta, down side of Taragona next to Los Ports.

Our goal is to prepare the most suitable tours for each type of client. Thus, family routes, usually guided, with little mileage and low unevenness always travel through wide and easy roads. The proposals for experts, always self-guided, go through fun paths (up and down) where the most skilled will enjoy their experienced technique.

We work for municipalities, educational centers and associations; clubs and entities of all kinds. But also for private companies; from travel agencies to companies not linked to the bicycle. That's why we are professional guides titled.

We take care of everything: luggage transport, accommodation reservations, guides, GPS ... and even car brooms in many of our proposals. You just have to enjoy yourself. Simply. Ride & Enjoy.

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Why us? ¿Why

Because we know the territory in advance. We go for days and days in the area, talking to the local people - cattlemen, shepherds, peasants- looking for the most beautiful corners, the most unusual places -sometimes hidden- of the territory. A pool of crystalline waters in the middle of a river, a majestic gulf a few meters from the road, impressive waterfalls at the end of that stream... we gradually find all the singularities of the territory to finally configure the magnificent route to delight visitors.

Because, in addition, we always get the collaboration of a local guide to design and create our routes. Because we are aware that no one like him will know the roads, shortcuts, trails of his area and, without a doubt, it can be the best asset - in the guided routes - in case an incidence arises, a serious fault or the route is delayed by foreign causes.

Because, in short, after finishing a route, an exit or a crossing or any other proposal ... we will only feel satisfied when we observe the full satisfaction of our companions

That's how we are. So we are in

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Management and Sales:

Viatges Concord, S.A.

Travel Agency GC143 / Tel. 938 746 152

C/Passeig Pere III, 53. 08242 Manresa (BCN)

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